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Cincinnati Fight For Air Climb

The time has COME! May 22, 2022 this Saturday, we climb! But we still need YOUR HELP!

Keystone Pediatric Therapy is so proud to be a part of Team Keegan! We stand behind Team Keegan in support of healthy lungs and clean air.

Did you know climbing stairs improves balance and coordination and has the ability to lower mortality risk if done consistently?

Please consider making a $10 donation today!! Keystone has set a goal of $200, and we are more than half way there. We climb THIS WEEKEND and would love your support.

Click HERE for the direct link!

Or... visit and search for Aireal Ishola.

Your donation to the American Lung Association can literally change lives.

Visit to know more about:

Lung Health & Diseases

-Learn about warning signs of Lung Disease

-Ever wonder how lungs work?

Quit Smoking

-Need help to quit smoking?

-Learn about vaping, e-cigarettes and so much more

Clean Air

-Did you know nearly half of all Americans live with unhealthy air?

-Learn how to protect our nation’s air quality and learn more about climate change.

Research & Reports

-Learn about the breakthrough research going on at the American Lung Association.

Policy & Advocacy

-Learn about the laws, rules, and policies in place to improve lung health, tobacco use, and clean up air pollution.

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