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Developmental Play Groups

This is the ultimate play date. Make new mommy/daddy friends (grandparents are welcome too!) while your child plays. Get to know local parents and learn what activities you can do TODAY to promote your child's development. The best part? These play groups will feature OT inspired activities.

Next session of Groups will start on July 4 & 5, 2022

The Ultimate Play Date

There has been so much confusion on the CDC's new developmental milestones. This play group was created to answer any questions you might have about childhood development AND to build community connections with fellow mothers/fathers/caregivers.

Anyone interested in Keystone’s play group is welcome to enroll. You don’t have to have any specific concerns about your child's development to benefit from this play group. You don’t need to be a Keystone family or be receiving outside therapy, to enroll . All developmental levels and diagnoses are welcome. Group sessions are NOT considered specialized therapy sessions so no doctors script or insurance card is needed.

There is a $10 enrollment fee. This is a ONE TIME fee and if you refer a friend, you BOTH get $5 off your enrollment fee.


Each Group will either be on Monday or Tuesday from 10:30AM-11:30AM (so your nap and lunch schedules aren’t thrown off). Mondays are for the infant group and Tuesdays are for the toddler group. Each Group runs for the entire month (which means there will be four days in each session). Three days in the clinic, one day at a nearby park (weather permitting).


It is $25 per child. If you miss a session there are no makeup sessions. No refunds. There is a limit of four children per group (one adult for each child).


Sessions are in general unstructured to allow for optimal parent/child engagement but the OT will lead a few OT inspired, developmentally appropriate activities. The last 15 minutes as we wrap up, you will have the opportunity to “ASK THE OT” anything!


Free Starbucks coffee for the parents and light snacks for the little ones will be provided.

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The Breakdown

Mondays or Tuesdays

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

10:30-11:15 Sensory-Motor Play w/Group

11:15-11:30 Ask the OT


Mondays: infants - crawlers

Tuesdays: toddlers 1-3yr

Play dates will take place at the clinic with the last group session scheduled for a park play date (weather permitting).


One parent per child (max 4 children).

One time $10 registration fee

$25/4 week group session

Sessions are overall unstructured allowing true parent/child engagement, but will feature a few OT inspired activities that the group can play all together.

Each week is a new theme (e.g. Lego & Blocks, Bubbles & Balloons, Yoga & Dance, Food-Play, etc.)

There will be a new Group every month. If you miss a Group there are no make-up sessions. There are no refunds.

To register email us at


Call 513-278-7006


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